A Successful Relationship Begins Here

I Thank God EVERY DAY for blessing me with a woman whom I truly Love, Cherish, and Adore so very much!!! In my prayers, I asked Him to send me a TRUE partner. Someone who would understand the thing that lots of men look for first was last on my list and what was first would bring us closer and allow us to build a foundation of titanium.

Some of the first words I said and REALLY meant was…”I’m cut from a different cloth”. So at that point, any thoughts of the average man didn’t (and still don’t) apply.

At the same time God was to teach us the gift of patience, openness, and the art or listening. With these tools, we were taught how to convert our relationship into a TRUE partnership with optimum Communication, supreme Compromise and total Transparency. From that, He rewarded us with the ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL relationship as we know it today.

There will always be rough roads but it’s all in how you navigate them. There will always be “Heated Fellowships” but it’s up to you to determine if it’s really worth the time and how long you will spend on it. There will always be those who want to be in the driver’s seat of your relationship. BUT it is a MUST that you maintain control of the wheel of your relationship! Don’t even allow a back-seat driver. That distraction could totally throw you off course or leave you in a ditch of despair while they walk away to catch the next ride to destruction.

The best thing to do for individual of the sort and more importantly your unit, is to put ‘em on the curb and watch them get smaller and smaller in your rear-view.

I write this to say…when you have been blessed with your true God-given soulmate, recognize them, Love them, Cherish them. Learn to Communicate, Compromise, and be Transparent. LET NOT one soul come between your union! Of course, there will be tests designed by God to spot-check the strength of your union and your WILL to travel down any road TOGETHER but count it as a measure to solidify your foundation!

Leave those who choose not to accept your growth behind! Your bags will be a lot lighter and leave room for those things that matter most between the two of you.

I will leave it here for now. Blessings to all who read and received. Remember, as long as your union has God at the center, your core will remain Strong, Wise, and Beautiful!


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