Technology...My Passion

The saying..."When your Passion is your work, it's not considered work!" holds true for me as I transition into my 27th year of being a provider of technology. Whether it be focused on IT or other technologies, I'm all in! There's nothing like the challanges and the constant changes to keep your mind stimulated and anticipation elevated! I'm a BIG GUY and also a BIG GEEK!

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Music...My Joy

At very young age, I was introduced to all kinds of music and it somehow had woven itself in to the fabric of who I am. When I think of how powerful music can be and how it affects me, it brings me Joy! I in turn, share my Joy with others through my DJ services.

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Photography...My Hobby

There's nothing like capturing a candid shot or a special moment that will stand still in time forever through photography! Surprising an indivual with a shot they though could never be achieved. Shooting portraits, the environment, landscapes, nature. All such a beautiful thing once captured through the lens of a camera with a trained eye.

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Welcome to My Universe!

Where do I begin? I consider myself a man who is always in search of knowledge. Like a sponge, I love to soak up whatever I can learn to add to my knowledge base for immediate use or future reference.

It's always been important that I follow the morals and values my Mother instilled in me in my upbringing. Thereby ensuring that I am not only a valuable asset to my family and friends, but also to my community.

I'm definitely old school. Which is a good thing but it also ignites a fire of dissatisfaction with the generations of today. I'm perplexed at what I witness on a constant basis these days. It makes me recall the days of when I was coming up and thankful, I am for those days.

The wackness of today would've been a HUGE NO NO back then. I can't be the only one feeling this way. The "Sense of entitlement" mindset, no regard for authority nor respect for elders is AMAZING! I can write a book about that alone, so I'll leave it right there but I have one question...What happened?

As you navigate these pages, you will learn quite a bit about my ambitions and what fuels them. In gaining that knowledge, I hope there will be something that will inspire you and cause you to pay it forward by sharing. Enjoy!

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Let me know

Sometimes the best way to learn is to ask questions. I look forward to them and believe in answering. I always say..."The dumbest question is the one not asked". SO if you have a question, ask it.